May 11, 2021

Breaking news! Prepare your self! U.S. CDC: We’re asking folks to start planning for this

Prepare your self! CDC: "We're asking folks to start planning for this
Prepare your self!


U.S. CDC: “We’re asking folks in every sector, as well as people within their families, to start planning for this, because as we’ve seen from the recent countries that have had community spread, when it hit in those countries, it has moved quite rapidly”

I think this is specifically worded to set realistic expectations. 🙂

If you get quarantined the only thing hand sanitizer will do for you is get you real drunk after your supplies have run out. Preserving access to public utilities will be a primary objective for governments, water isn’t a bad prep but it’s not essential unless we expect a cataclysmic collapse. Far more likely are intermittent ower outages should the workforce become ill and unable to repair downed power lines.

Supply chain disruptions are already happening and it’s prudent to expect them to worsen.

The average suburban or urban area has ~3 days of food available in groceries for the people they serve. Surge capacity for major resupply is difficult and becomes increasingly complicated with multiple geographic areas affected. Don’t wait until the Panic-demic. (prepare!)

  1. MultiVitamins. They’re cheap and in the event you’re subsisting on rice for prolonged periods will prevent nutrient deficiencies.
  2. Shelf stable calorie dense food with complete proteins.
    -Proteins are built from amino acids and there are nine our bodies can’t build that need to be provided by our diet. Rice & beans is a common example of two foods combined that provide all nine. Meat always contains complete proteins.
    -Fat is calorie dense providing 9 calories/gram whereas carbs and proteins contain 4 calories/gram. What does this practically mean? Buy tuna packed in oil. Buy oil to splash on your rice and beans.
    -Spam. Seriously, spam. It fed the allied forces throughout WWII, is calorie dense, provides adequate salt and complete protein, is fully cooked, shelf stable, and has enough calories in a single can (1080) to provide adequate although not optimal caloric intake for a day in the event of a prolonged supply chain disruption. It also cost somewhere around $2.50/can.
    -Buy a canister of iodinated salt and a bag of sugar.
    -Your pets need to eat, too. Don’t forget Fido.
  3. Go to the dentist. If you’ve been putting it off for whatever reason make an appointment today. Dental infections and pain are a real bummer and if your dentist is dead or closes up shop I suppose you can always resort to a pair of pliers.
  4. Primarily buy things you use on a daily basis. This includes soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes, deodorant, laundry soap, mouthwash, razors. (Yes, razors. A shave puts a shine on the day, it’s good for morale.) Worst case scenario, if this all blows over you won’t have to go shopping for awhile.
  5. Toilet Paper & Sanitary Napkins. Unless you’re going to magically stop pooping or menstruating in the next three months you’ll use your surplus.
  6. OTC meds. Don’t go crazy. Buy what you use. If you have GERD and take omeprazole everyday then go buy the million count container. Otherwise just get the basics in case you or your family become ill.
    -Tylenol. Fevers are our friends in fighting infection but if they runaway into dangerous territory this is a good treatment.
    -Guaifenesin–optionally including a cough suppressant, you’ve gotta sleep sometime, right?–to loosen secretions so you can cough the evil out.
    -Loperamide and a recipe for Oral Rehydrating Solution (ORS) handy in the event you get the trots. -Diphenhydramine for allergic reactions and as a sleep aid.
    -Antifungal powder or cream. In the event of water rationing you’re gonna get a little funk. Jock itch, athlete’s foot, or yeast under your breasts is not only a bummer but compromises skin integrity and increases the risk of infection.
  7. Get your house in order. Been putting off a pile of laundry? Can’t rely on being able to go to the laundromat, take care of it sometime soon.
  8. Get your head in order.
    -If you pray, reinvigorate your prayer life. If you’re into meditation or contemplation, start practicing that again. Detachment is important.
    -Pick a spiritual or philosophical book that you can read a little from every day when you wake up. If religion/spirituality isn’t your thing then the stoics are always good. You can start with five minutes each of prayer/meditation and reading per day. Build up to 15-30 minutes of each by adding a couple minutes every few days.
    -Buy a yoga mat. Being quarantined inside is challenging for your body-mind. Find a yoga, pilates, or bodyweight exercise routine to keep active.
  9. You can’t prepare for every possibility. Take basic precautions and learn to love the bug.
empty shop preparing coronavirus covid-19
prepare dont wait!

Food Items: Bottled water, canned goods, freeze-dried foods, dry goods, shelf-stable foods.

Cleaning Items: empty spray bottle, paper towels, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, garbage bags, 5 gallon bucket.

Common OTC Medications: Loperamide for diarrhea, diphenhydramine for allergic reactions, guaifenesin for chest congestion, phenylephrine for mucus, famotidine for antacid, ibuprofen for inflammation, meclizine for nausea, 81mg chewable aspirin for angina, loratadine for seasonal allergies, hydrocortisone cream for skin irritation.

Medical Supplies: thermometer, tweezers, scissors, antibiotic ointment, 2″ & 4″ rolled gauze, 2×2 & 4×4 gauze pads, trauma dressings, cotton swabs, non-stick wound pads, super glue, 1″ and 2″ medical tape, prescription medications with list, medical history and emergency contact information.

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