May 9, 2021

Connection found: Wuhan’s stand was next to Codogno city’s stand during Ice cream festival in Rimini

Connection found: Wuhan's stand was next to Codogno city's stand during Ice cream festival in Rimini
Ice cream festival in Rimini

A connection has been found: Wuhan’s stand was next to Codogno city’s stand during Sigep Fiera del Gelato (Ice cream festival) in Rimini town, Italy, on 18th January 2020… shortly before Wuhan was put in lockdown.

Source: Rimini today (italian)


The Rimini ice cream fair in January and those Wuhan and Codogno stands in the same pavilion (by Selvaggia Lucarelli)

3/25/2020 /

The Sigep ice cream fair was held in Rimini from 18 to 22 January. ” Sigep is the only fair in the world where the entire artisan ice cream chain is presented, ranging from its preparation with new trends, to the concepts for the premises, events, competitions, technologies and ingredients of the moment, ”says the site . 200 thousand visitors, 33 thousand foreign buyers with 1250 exhibitors from 30 countries.

Companies from all over the world, therefore, at the end of January came to the Romagna town to spend 4 days between stands and pavilions, inside the fair. Nothing strange, if there was no coincidence that links the Chinese city of Wuhan to Codogno , a link that before this date is difficult to identify. In Hall B3, where there were about 60 stands inside, looking at the map on the website and below, we note that there are three interesting stands: the first is the Wuhan Huiyou Wood Products Co., Ltd, a company which produces biodegradable objects such as spoons and trays. (Recall that Wuhan was closed on January 23rd, Sigep started on January 18th).

The next stand is that of Crema, “The Italian point of Nanni Franco”. A short distance away, and always in that pavilion, there is Pomati Group srl. which is a Codogno company (makes chocolate machines). Could this be the first contact between Wuhan and Codogno / Crema? Then, always in that pavilion, there are Cesarin Spa from Verona and many others from the north (Turin, Varese, Milan, Schio, Legnano …) and also from southern Italy, from Caivano to Reggio Calabria.

Sigep Pavilion. Wuhan, Crema and Codogno companies circled
Sigep Pavilion. Wuhan, Crema and Codogno companies circled

In the pavilion next to it, near the door that connects the two pavilions and very close to the Wuhan stand, there is San Marino’s “Torrefazione”. I call the Codogno Pomati company that produces to make chocolate and was in Rimini in the same pavilion. An employee replied: “At that fair, there were many of us from the Codogno company, at least a dozen people. 

There were a lot of people, we only had time to go to the bathroom, which was inside the pavilion “, he tells me. In the next pavilion, the one on the left, not far from the Wuhan stan, there are various Treviso companies including Alphatech di Vittorio Veneto, Steelco, Vito Italia, Imesa and so on.

Now, it is true that it could be a coincidence, but in fact in the same pavilion where there is the Wuhan company there are also companies from Crema and Codogno with bizarre vicinity also with companies from San Marino and Treviso, two areas that are very affected from Coronavirus. It should also be added that Rimini itself has recorded various infections since February. 

The owner Giovanna Pomati of the Codogno Pomati company tells me: “My boys and I were there in January but believe me, we didn’t even have time to look around so much was the crowd. The only possible points of contact with people from other stan were the bathroom and the pavilion bar. Everything is possible, of course, but we who were there did not get sick. We could have been asymptomatic, of course, and I recognize that the case is curious, but we weren’t even the only local company present at that fair. “. In fact, at Sigep there were also Telme di Codogno and Frigomat from Lodi, but in rather distant pavilions.

In short, it is impossible to establish whether this is the place where it all started in Codogno, but it is undeniable that for a possible epidemiological investigation the times are back and it could be an interesting track

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