May 6, 2021

Covid-19 leaked from Wuhan Virology lab?

Wuhan Virology lab leaked virus

Wuhan Virology lab

This video takes you along the time line of the events during the course of the 2019 nCoV Coronavirus and the resulting Governmental actions taken. Why this supports the sources I revel on the possibility that this Coronavirus was leaked from a Wuhan Virology Lab and the probability that in fact it was released.

These sources confirm that probability and the reasoning behind the unprecedented actions taken by the Chinese government and US government so far. May God Keep and Bless us all. Please share this video to all those you care and love. Links to sites used in the production of this video are listed below for your further review.

Behold Israel article, Israeli Biological Warfare Expert Connects China’s Wuhan Virus to Covert Biological Warfare Laboratory:

The Washington Times article, Virus-hit Wuhan has two laboratories linked to Chinese bio-warfare program:

G News article, Breaking news: China will admit coronavirus coming from its P4 lab:

US warned virus could ‘escape’ from lab near coronavirus epicentre:

new infos: