April 14, 2021

Covid-19: Shocking video shows how UK and New Zealand differed

shocking video

Covid-19: Shocking video shows how UK and New Zealand differed

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A shocking video has laid out the differences between the UK and New Zealand governments’ responses to the coronavirus crisis.

New Zealand, which has a slightly smaller population than Scotland with 4.9 million people living in the country, has received global praise for its response to the pandemic. The nation implemented a strict tracking policy and all those entering the country had to be quarantined for a fortnight upon arrival.

The UK has about 195,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and, according to the ONS, more than 30,000 deaths, while New Zealand has just 1488 and 21 deaths.

The short video puts Jacinda Ardern and Boris Johnson’s pandemic responses side by side to show just how different they were.

Initially it shows Ardern insisting her country “never ever” even considered herd immunity as a strategy – followed by Sir Patrick Vallance said it’s not “desirable” to stop everyone getting the virus.


Ardern is then shown saying herd immunity would have resulted in 10s of thousands of New Zealanders dying, followed by a clip of the Prime Minister talking about a theory of allowing the UK to “take it on the chin”.

The New Zealand PM is shown at an earlier stage in the pandemic saying: “We currently have 102 cases but so did Italy once.”

A UK minister is then shown saying: “We’re not doing the things that you know sometimes perhaps are happening elsewhere just because it seems like a popularist thing to do.”

Covid-19: Shocking video shows how UK and New Zealand differed

Ardern is also shown stressing the importance of acting quickly to slow the spread of Covid-19, before a clip of Johnson shows him saying: “Things like closing schools, and stopping big gatherings, don’t work as well perhaps as people think.”

Ardern has been highly critical of the herd immunity theory, which the UK Government denies ever making a key part of its strategy.

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