May 11, 2021

Denmark: 2 years in prison for demonstrating Corona restrictions

Denmark: 2 years in prison for demonstrating Corona restrictions

Denmark: 2 years in prison for demonstrating Corona restrictions

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Denmark: Copenhagen’s city court has just sentenced a woman to two years in jail for having participated in and led a demonstration 9. January this year against the Corona restrictions. She was completely non-violent and has been sentenced purely on the basis of what she expressed. Thus this strict sentence is an alarming example of how the bourgeois democracy is being systematically undermined.

The 30 year old mother of two should have originally faced one year in prison but the Danish state’s new “Corona Decision” paragraph 81d leads to the doubling of the sentence. The woman cried when she received the sentence and appealed it on the spot.

Our comrades in Socialistisk Revolution writes about the case here:

Woman sentenced to two years in jail

The woman is sentenced for having “encouraged violence” during the demonstration because of, among other things, she said:

“Are you ready to smash the city in a non-violent way? Just to make Copenhagen know that we are here?”

In other words she is sentenced for encouraging violence, even when she emphasised that they were going to smash the city (note not a person) “in a non-violent way”! She wasn’t given a fine either but a whole 2 years in jail. Both rape- and assault-cases are often given much more lenient sentences. In other words it is quite serious in the developments of today that people are protesting against the government in the eyes of the state.

Other expressions from her during the demonstration were “[…] Er you with us? Are we done with just accepting this? Let us smash it, friends! Rule of the people, alright?” and “[…] the People in the People’s Assembly. Smash this system. Thank you. Fuck the System. Fuck Mette (Prime Minister of Denmark). Fuck the Police. Fuck it all, man. Thanks.” So – a whole bunch of expressions and all directed against the system, government, parliament, police or to put it shortly, the state apparatus.

At the same event an effigy of the prime minister was burned, and it has therefore given legitimacy to the case for the government. Bourgeois freedom of expression, that is supposed to guarantee everyone the right to criticise the government is thereby quite far along the way of being abolished. This is by the way the same country that has used millions of Kroner yearly (160 million to be exact) to defend the fascist Rasums Paludans Quoran-burnings in neighbourhoods where many Muslims live. This is a country that beats it’s chest over Muhammad-caricatures.

Put shortly it shows clear as day who you can harass and make fun of as much as you want, with the defence of the states violence apparatus and who you will risk a prison sentence for criticising.

This development can’t be understood without seeing it in connection to the development of the overall crisis in imperialism and the uneven development of the world revolution that has made leaps in the previous two years. The old imperialist states are militarising and are rapidly marching towards fascism. The corona-epidemic is being used in this way as a justification to accelerate this development.

Two conclusions must be reached. First of all it is correct and important to raise the struggle in the defence of bourgeois-liberal rights and principles, that the bourgeoisie has long since abandoned. Second of all that the revolutionary movement, the mass-movements of the people in general must prepare themselves for struggle and resistance and that these can’t be developed with some naive belief that freedom of expression and freedom of assembly will be upheld by the state and police. What counts for the most reactionary racists does in no way count for those that have the government and state in their sights for their protests.

Source: Tjern volket

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