May 8, 2021

Germany bans meetings of more than two people

Germany bans meetings of more than two people

Germany bans meetings of more than two people

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has addressed the nation and issued new regulations including a ban on meetings of more than two people. 

There are exceptions for families and for people who live together.

Further details: 

  • All restaurants, cafes and service providers such as hair-dressers where a 2-meter (6.5 feet) distance between people is not possible must also close
  • In public, people must maintain a minimum distance of 1.50 meters between each other
  • Companies must observe hygiene regulations for employees
  • Traveling to work, helping others and individual exercise are all still allowed
  • The rules will initially apply for two weeks. 
  • Merkel warned that the new restrictions are rules, not recommendations. The police will make sure that they are adhered to.

“No-one wished for these restrictions,” Merkel said. “I am convinced they will carry us through these difficult times.”

The strict measures were agreed following a meeting between Merkel, German President Frank Walter-Steinmeier and the leaders of the 16 German states. 

FRANKFURT, March 22 (Reuters) – Germany will ban public meetings of more than two people unless they are about work on slowing the spread of the coronavirus, the premier of North Rhine-Westphalia state said on Sunday.

“The danger lies in the direct social interaction,” state premier Armin Laschet said, adding that the federal government and regional states had agreed on the stricter rules. (Reporting by Matthias Inverardi Writing by Ludwig Burger; Editing by Andrew Heavens) politico

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