May 7, 2021

Hate attacks against the critical actors

ARD broadcasting council even wanted to take their jobs away from them

More than 50 actors criticize the culture of debate around Corona in video contributions

Hate attacks against the critical actors

Hate attacks against the critical actors

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With irony, wit and sarcasm, they question the German government’s corona policy and above all criticize the climate for discussion here.

The more than 50 actors and actresses are now experiencing first-hand how broken that is. Since Thursday evening they have been insulted in social networks as right-wing extremists, denigrated as conspiracy theorists, and even compared to Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels! If they were to contract Corona, they should be denied treatment.

Incredible: The North Rhine-Westphalian SPD politician and WDR broadcaster Garrelt Duin (53) demanded consequences for the actors involved on Friday morning!

“Jan Josef Liefers and Tukur earn a lot of money at ARD, they are their figureheads. Even during the pandemic, they were allowed to do their work, e.g. for the crime scene, under the best of protection. With their undifferentiated criticism of ‘the media’ and democratically legitimized decisions by parliament and government, they encourage those who also want to put an end to the public broadcasters. You have therefore made yourself impossible as their representatives. The responsible bodies must end the cooperation as soon as possible – also out of solidarity with those who really suffer from Corona and its consequences. Many greetings, a broadcasting council. “

In plain language: The “crime scene” actors should no longer be used in their roles, because of the critical videos lose their jobs!

Broadcasting councilor Duin later deleted his tweets. In the afternoon he then rowed back publicly, writing : “The tweet this morning was crap. Exaggerated in terms of content and not appropriate for my role as a member of the Broadcasting Council. “

“My criticism that respected people have carelessly got into the vicinity of lateral thinkers and other trolls remains,” continues Duin.

Jan Josef Liefers felt compelled to clarify on Thursday evening in which he expressly distanced himself from lateral thinkers and Reich citizens. None of the videos even begin to go in this direction. Heike Makatsch and Richy Müller deleted their posts!

But there are also differentiated voices: “The sometimes cheap criticism of #allesdichtmachen is too clumsy for me. Not everyone who targets a new submissive spirit is a ‘lateral thinker’ or ‘accepts thousands of deaths’. We should stop pushing each other into corners that no one can get out of, ”writes the public service moderator Georg Restle, for example.

“The open society needs critical artists. A critical examination of the means of overt irony is part of democracy. You have to endure that – regardless of your opinion on the matter, “says FDP politician Marco Buschmann, parliamentary manager of the parliamentary group in the German Bundestag.

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