April 20, 2021

How will we know that a covid-19 vaccine is safe?

COVID Vaccine Safety Concerns

How Will We Know That a COVID-19 Vaccine is Safe?
by Dr. Liz Mumper and Children’s Health Defense team

How Will We Know That a COVID-19 Vaccine is Safe?

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Children’s Health Defense has created a video of Dr. Liz Mumper’s presentation titled “How Will We Know That a COVID-19 Vaccine is Safe?” This presentation is the result of a collaborative effort between Dr. Mumper and the team of doctors, scientists, and researchers affiliated with CHD.

Dr. Mumper carefully provides detailed answers to two questions often asked by the public: “What does a safe and effective vaccine look like?” and “How will we know that a COVID-19 vaccine is safe?” She reviews many of the reasons why vaccines, as they are currently produced, are not safe, and explains that every year there are tens of thousands of adverse events, many of them resulting in serious conditions or even death.

Dr. Mumper reviews the scientific community’s numerous concerns about the safety of a COVID vaccine and its ingredients, providing information about each of the top COVID vaccine candidates. Lastly, she discusses the legality of mandatory vaccination in a free republic which proclaims to defend the rights of “we the people.”

We hope that individuals will use this video presentation and these additional files as tools to educate friends, parents, policy makers, state and federal legislators and public health officials who need to know of the relative risks of vaccines in general, and especially those risks associated with COVID vaccines.

Video Presentation

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