May 9, 2021

Italy emergency quarantine started after speedup more cases

Italy emergency quarantine

New emergency 22.02 17.00

  • 54 confirmed cases in Italy and 2 deaths 22.02 (17.00)
  • Italy reports another case of coronavirus, the first one in Piedmont Region!
  • ITALY UPDATE: At least 80 Cases 23.02 (00.10)
  • This lockdown (the first in Europe) will apply to at least 11 towns in Italy, roughly 50,000 people (01.00)
italy Dipartimento Protezione Civile
Dipartimento Protezione Civile

Coronavirus emergency italy

Officials in northern Italy ordered schools, public buildings, restaurants and coffee shops to close. The emergency measures come as a cluster of new infections emerged, including some who had not been to China. Officials ordered schools, public buildings, restaurants and coffee shops in ten towns in northern Italy to close after a cluster of 18 new COVID-19 cases emerged.

2 regions are infected

cases were located in the Veneto and Lombardy region where a 38-year-old  man fell ill with the virus after meeting someone who returned from China in late January. Five doctors and nurses and several patients were infected at the hospital in Codogno where he was treated.

Three other people, who all visited the same cafe in the Lombardy region, also tested positive for the virus.

Quarantine medical staff

Hundreds of people have been put in isolation and are being tested for the virus, said health officials. Over 150 co-workers of the 38-year-old as well 70 medical staff at Codogna hospital are among those being tested.

The new cases represent the first acquired through secondary contagion in Italy and brought the total number of confirmed cases up to 19.

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first cases reported

None of the first six cases reported were believed to have visited China, which is the epicentre of the virus, but the first infected patient, a 38-year-old man now in intensive care, fell ill after meeting a friend who had recently been to China.

That man has since tested negative to the contagious disease, but doctors were investigating whether he carried the virus and subsequently recovered without showing any symptoms, said regional councillor Giulio Gallera.

The pregnant wife of the initial patient and one of his friends were also infected, along with three other people who were admitted to hospital overnight suffering from pneumonia-like symptoms.

“We have called on the residents of Codogno, Castiglione d’Adda and Casalpusterlengo to stay at home as a precaution,” Gallera told a news conference.

italy Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte

Said there was compulsory emergency quarantine in place for all who have been in contact with the infected patients, as local authorities continued to track down everyone they had come into contact with.

“Most of the contacts of those who tested positive for coronavirus have been identified and subjected to the necessary tests and measures,” the region said in a statement.

Prior to Friday, just three people had been confirmed in Italy to have the virus which emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan late last year.

Two Chinese tourists who came from Wuhan tested positive in Rome in late January, while an Italian who returned from the Chinese city with a special flight repatriating some 56 nationals was hospitalized a week later.

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