May 7, 2021

Live Update: Johns Hopkins

Live Update: Johns Hopkins

Interactive maps show global coronavirus spread in real-time

Data shows confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries

Interactive maps from Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering in Maryland and the World Health Organization show the spread of the coronavirus in real-time.

The map below allows you to see which parts of the world are impacted the most by the strain of the virus, known as COVID-19.

A chart to the left of the map indicates the number of confirmed cases for specific countries, states and cities. The data also shows how many people have recovered after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Click here for the mobile version.

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The World Health Organization is also tracking COVID-19 in real-time.

The WHO COVID-19 situation map shows the rise in infections from January to now.

View the WHO map below to see the most up to date numbers.

WHO tracking board

Johns Hopkins WHO tracking board

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