May 7, 2021

Seriously! 4% of Netherlands hospital employees have coronavirus

4% of hospital employees have coronavirus
4% of hospital employees have coronavirus

Netherlands: 4% of hospital employees have coronavirus

new coronavirus from china
new coronavirus from china

Nearly 4% of the employees surveyed in hospitals in Brabant have the new corona virus (COVID-19). This is evident from the sample of the RIVM  National Institute for Public Health and the Environment between 6 and 9 March. The findings of the study support the policy that was initiated last Friday. It does require some extensions.

The fact that healthcare workers are infected with the coronavirus can mean several things. It is possible that the percentage of infections in hospitals reflects the number of infections among the population of Brabant. But it could also mean that the percentage of infections among hospital employees is higher, because they can come into contact with the virus earlier because of their work. RIVM will investigate this further.

Test results

From March 6-8, 1,097 hospital workers were tested. 3.9% indeed appeared to have the coronavirus. The percentages differ per hospital and are between 0 and 10%. 200 patients were also tested. On average, 9% of these patients had the virus. There, too, there are differences between hospitals. The people who were tested already had complaints.

Advice and measures

The advice given by RIVM earlier to prevent the virus from spreading will remain in force. This concerns the general hygiene measures and the call not to shake hands. In Noord-Brabant the advice is to avoid social contacts as much as possible in case of a cold, cough or fever. In Noord-Brabant, specific advice to work from home as much as possible and to avoid visiting busy places remains valid.


The national government has a framework that can help municipalities consider whether or not to organize major events. New measures for events were announced this afternoon in North Brabant.


RIVM has conducted this research in close collaboration with the hospitals in the province: Bravis (Roosendaal & Bergen op Zoom), Jeroen Bosch (Den Bosch), Bernhoven (Uden), Radboudumc  Radboud University Medical Center (Nijmegen), Amphia (Breda) , VieCuri (Venlo), Catharina (Eindhoven), Elkerliek (Helmond), Elizabeth Two Cities (Tilburg). Although Radboudumc and VieCuri are not located in the province of Noord-Brabant, they do have many employees who live in Noord-Brabant.

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