May 7, 2021

22.02 New increase Coronavirus COVID-19 global cases

22.02.20 new Coronavirus covid-19 global cases
22.02.20 new Global Cases by Johns Hopkins

New coronavirus covid-19 global cases

The tables below show confirmed cases of coronavirus 2019-nCoV, officially known as SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 in China and other countries. To see a distribution map and a timeline, scroll down. There are currently 77,812 confirmed cases worldwide, including 2,360 fatalities.

Other places with coronavirus covid-19

Notes coronavirus covid-19

  • Japan: The total includes 4 asymptomatic cases, which are not included in the government’s official count. It also includes 14 people who were evacuated from China.
  • Japan: The 634 people from the “Diamond Princess” cruise ship are listed separately and they’re not included in the Japanese government’s official count. 328 were asymptomatic. Fourteen of them are U.S. citizens whose test results weren’t known until they were taken off the ship.
  • Diamond Princess: The total does not include 3 employees of Japan’s Health Ministry and 1 staff member of Japan’s Cabinet Secretariat, all of whom were infected while working on the ship. It does also not include people who tested positive upon their return home: 4 people in Australia and 1 person in Israel.
  • North Korea: Unconfirmed reports about 1, 5, or 7 cases in North Korea have been denied by the government. If cases are confirmed by North Korean officials, they will be added to this list.

22 February

  • 01:01: 142 new cases in South Korea.
  • 00:46: 1 new case in Italy.
  • 00:45: China’s National Health Commission reports 31 new cases and 3 new deaths across the mainland, excluding Hubei province. Their locations have not yet been disclosed. Compared to yesterday’s national update, there were 31 new cases and 3 new deaths outside Hubei province.
  • 00:45: 366 new cases and 106 new deaths in Hubei province, China.

21 February

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