May 11, 2021

OUTBREAK! covid-19 virus explosion confirmed cases outside China

OUTBREAK! covid-19 virus explosion confirmed cases outside China
Outbreak confirm cases outside china

Latest outbreak Updates from 27 feb (20.00)

26 February outbreak

 We’re in a phase of preparedness for a potential pandemic (WHO)

February 23 outbreak:

Soutkorea casese rice up next level
Bruce Aylward, an assistant director-general of the World Health Organization speaks with a chart

 Opinion: Tipping point seems a lot closer after the past 24 hours


  • Mayor of one of the towns in lockdown says they’ve run out of coronavirus testing kits. [source]
  • ECDC: “As the situation is rapidly evolving, more cases are expected in Italy […] Extraordinary measures in northern Italy are essential to limit the outbreak and may need to be replicated in other communities in the coming days.” [source]
  • 78 new cases in Italy and 1 new death in Italy (a woman being treated for cancer in Crema), including 4 new cases near Bergamo, 2 new cases in Venice (historical center), a 17-year-old male in Valtellina, and a couple in Turin who visited their child at the Regina Margherita Hospital yesterday.
  • Current total cases in Italy:

    – 114 cases in Lombardy (including 2 deaths):. The total includes: at least 76 in Codogno, 3 in Castiglione D’adda, 2 in Pieve Porto Morone, 1 in Casalpusterlengo, 1 in Pizzighettone, 1 in Sesto Cremonese, 1 in Santa Cristina e Bissone, 1 in Mediglia, 1 in Sesto San Giovanni, and 1 in Monza. Latest cases near Bergamo: 2 in Alzano Lombardo, 1 in Seriate, and 1 in Bergamo.

    – 25 in Veneto (including 1 death): 19 in Vo’ Euganeo, 3 in Dolo, 1 in Mira, and 2 in Venice..

    –   9 in Emilia Romagna (all in Piacenza).
    –   3 in Trentino Alto Adige (tourists from Lombardy)
    –   3 in Piedmont (3 previously confirmed cases were later retracted).
    –   3 in Rome (including 1 person who had been repatriated).
  • At least 26 patients (of which 17 in Lombardy) are in critical condition in intensive care.
  • 11 towns, 50,000 people, placed in lockdown.
  • Armed forces and police forces have been mobilized to form an insurmountable “health belt” around contagion areas. Roadblock violators risk up to a 3 months prison sentence.

    – Schools closed in Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, and in Trentino Alto Adige regions. Universities closed in Piedmont.

    – Carnival in Venice and all sport and public events in Veneto cancelled.

    – All public and private events, including sportcultural, and religious events in Lombardy cancelled. Movie theaters closed.

    – More than 40 football matches, including at least 4 Serie A games, postponed.
    – Teatro alla Scala in Milan suspends all performances.
    – Duomo in Milan and Teatro la Fenice in Venice closed.

    – “I think these three cases that have no contact with a primary carrier show how this virus is now ubiquitous so, as with flu symptoms, you get it and don’t know who you got it from” said Veneto governon Luca Zaia who, in a separate comment, said “we are worried, drastic measures are needed.”

    – “Serious mistake was made not to quarantine people who arrived in Italy from China” said Walter Ricciardi of the WHO, adding that “within two weeks we will know if we are facing an epidemic” and advising that, for the next two weeks, people “should avoid crowded places: metro, buses, trains, schools, discos, and gyms.”


  • 166 new outbreak cases and 4 new deaths in South Korea.
  • President Moon Jae-in raised the alert level to maximum (Level 4: Serious) thus empowering the government to lock down cities and restrict travel. “The coming few days will be a critical time for us” he said in an emergency meeting.
  • Last few days progression of total cases in South Korea:
    • Feb. 23: 602 cases
    • Feb. 22: 436 cases
    • Feb. 21: 209 cases
    • Feb. 20: 111 cases
    • Feb. 19:  58 cases
    • Feb. 18:   31 cases
  • 1 new case in Canada (Toronto) is a woman who arrived from China on Feb. 21. [source]
  • 1 new case in Israel is a former passenger of the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan.
  • 4 new case in the UK are former passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan.
  • 1 new death in Hubei province, China, of Huang Wenjun, a 42-year-old doctor.
  • 57 new cases (55 crew members and 2 passengers, of which 52 asymptomatic) and 1 new death (a man in his 80s) from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan. 
  • 2 new deaths and 14 new cases in Iran
  • 2 new cases in Taiwan: father an son, in their late 80s and 50s. 

    – The older man, a kidney dialysis patient with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, had symptoms such as cough and runny nose on Feb. 6, developed fever and was diagnosed with pneumonia on Feb. 9, and had shortness of breath on Feb. 16, when he was transferred to the intensive care unit.

    – The son, whose brother had returned from China on Feb. 2, started showing symptoms two days prior, on Jan 31. He had a fever, runny nose and sore throat on Jan. 31, went to the clinic on Feb. 4 and, due to continuous fever, went to the emergency room on Feb. 8, where he was diagnosed with pneumonia. He returned home for independent health management, but went back to the hospital twice – on Feb. 11 and Feb. 18 – before being isolated on Feb. 21.
  • 12 new cases in Japan, including:

    – a man in his 40s living in Chiba Prefecture who, after the onset of joint and muscle pain on Feb. 12, has been on a business trip to Hiroshima and Gifu prefectures.

    – a woman in her 50s who works as a part-time school lunch attendant in Hokkaido. She had sore throat on February 15. She wore a mask, a white coat, and gloves, and carried lunches to 194 school children from the serving room to each classroom using a wagon.
  • 1 new case in Australia from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan.
  • 18 new cases and 1 new death occurred outside of Hubei province in China on February 22, as reported by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China,
  • 630 new cases and 96 new deaths were reported by Hubei province in China for Feb. 22.

February 22 outbreak :


  • With 79 total cases and 2 deaths as of the end of February 22:
    Italy becomes the country with the highest number of cases and deaths in Europe, accounting for over 60% of all European cases, and representing the country with most cases among all western (non Asian) nations.
  • As of the end of February 22, there were a total of:
    – 54 cases in Lombardy region (including 1 death, with 18 in critical condition).
    – 18 in Veneto region (including 1 death).
    –   3 in Emilia Romagna region (all of which hospitalized from the Lombardy hotspot).
    –   3 in Rome (including 2 recoveries).
    –   1 in Turin, Piedmont.
  • 18 cases are in critical condition in the intensive care unit.
  • EMERGENCY MEASURES: 11 towns and areas affected by the outbreak have been placed in lockdown: “In areas considered hotspots, neither entry or exit will be authorised without special permission” said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, adding that businesses and schools in the areas would be closed.
  • “From the tests carried out, it emerged that the alleged zero patient did not develop antibodies. Therefore, he never had Coronavirus. The whole picture changes now” said Deputy Minister of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri.
  • 2 new cases in Milan:
    a person from Mediglia (south of Milan) who was hospitalized in Melegnano and now has been transferred to the Sacco hospital.
    a 78-year-old patient at the San Raffaele Hospital since a week ago.
  • 1 new case in Turin – had participated in a running race in Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure (Liguria region) with patient #1 of Codogno on February 2.
  • Hundreds waiting for test results. At least 10 towns, 50,000 people, initially placed in precautionary voluntary quarantine, later in lockdown (first in Europe)Schools (full list), workplaces, municipal and private offices, 3 train stations, coffee shops, and public places closed in the affected towns. Soccer games postponed. All universities in Lombardy and Veneto regions, all schools in Trentino region will be closed starting Monday. Friuli Venezia Giulia region declared a state of emergency.
  • 40+ new cases today in Italy, including:
    – 2 doctors, husband and wife (a pediatrician), in Pieve Porto Morone (Pavia, Lombardy).
    – 5 new cases in Vò Euganeo (Padua, Veneto region), where 4,200 people are now going to be tested.
    – 1 in Cremona (Lombardy region), a 38 year-old woman, friend of a health worker in Lodi.
    – 1 in Sesto Cremonese (Lombardy region).
    – 2 in Dolo and Mira (Veneto region).
  •  1 new death in Italy, a 77-year-old woman with pre-existing conditions who was hospitalized a few days ago for pneumonia in the Lodi area (Lombardy region) and had contacts with the 38-year-old man.
  • The 38-year-old man in Codogno (Lodi), near Milan (patient #1) is in critical condition (mechanically ventilated in intensive care, according to his parents) and at least 14 contacts are in serious condition, according to doctors, and include:
    – 5 health workers and doctors.
    – 3 patients at the Codogno hospital.
    – 3 elderly (in the 70s and 80s) clients of a bar run by the father of the man’s friend.
  • People must be distantiated right now, because this is a virus that is transmitted very effectively at close range” said the director of the infectious diseases department of the Higher Institute of Health, Gianni Rezza.
  • 3 new outbreak cases in South Korea.
  • First possible case in Iraq was later retracted.
  • 1 new case in Hong Kong.
  • 3 new case in Singapore: 1 from the Grace Assembly of God church, 1 repatriated from Wuhan, and 1 with contact tracing underway to establish links or travel history to China. 2 new discharges, for a cumulative total of 49 fully recovered cases.
  • 2 new cases in the United Arab Emirates: a 70-year-old Iranian national and his wife.
  • 18 new cases in Japan.
  •  2 new deaths and 11 new cases in Iran.
  • 87 new cases in South Korea bringing the total to 433. Last few days progression of total cases in South Korea:
    • Feb. 22: 433 cases
    • Feb. 21: 209 cases
    • Feb. 20: 111 cases
    • Feb. 19:  58 cases
    • Feb. 18:   31 cases

      [country-level pages with statistics and graphs coming soon]
  • 2 new cases in Australia (Victoria residents) from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, bringing the country’s total to 21 (of which 6 repatriated from the cruise ship in Japan)
  • 1 new case in Japan.
  •  142 new cases in South Korea, of which 92 linked to the Cheongdo Daenam Hospital, 38 to the Sincheon Daegu Church, and 12 unknown pending investigation.

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