May 6, 2021

Outcry To The World From Israel!

Ilana Rachel Daniel makes an emotional cry for help from Jerusalem

At a record pace, the government is trying to vaccinate the entire population – including pregnant women and small children – against the relatively harmless cotrona cold

Ilana Rachel Daniel: Outcry To The World From Israel!

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“Civil rights are being pushed aside and people can only participate in society again after vaccination,” Ilana tells via a livestream connection to Flavio Pasquino in the BLCKBX studio, who tracked Ilana down as a result of an – even – more emotional audio clip on Telegram. Ilana talks about the Green Pass, the Freedom Bracelet, the mRNA vaccine and human rights violations. “Which are currently reminiscent of the Holocaust,” says the Jewess who immigrated to Jerusalem from the US 30 years ago.

Ilana Rachel is active in Jerusalem as a health advisor and spokesperson for the new Rappeh Party that is heavily opposed by the regime. It is not possible to open a bank account and members of the party are hindered in their daily lives. The Facebook group has been removed and also the site is no longer to be found but through this newspaper article you can still find some info on the activities of Ilana and the party.

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