May 8, 2021

Pandemic is here but not being officially announced due to limiting panic and keeping the economy afloat

World Pandemic economic catastrophe

I believe Pandemic is here but not being officially announced due to limiting panic and keeping the economy afloat

Basically what this all boils down to that Federal Officials, CDC officials, WHO officials, Chinese officials all know: this thing can not be stopped.

It’s out of the bag. We had a window and we failed to contain it. Blame and point fingers all you want but it doesn’t matter.

Whats that mean?

We are now entering a pandemic. It’s here. The world is not ending but the virus has certainly spread to other countries, continents, cruise ships, taxi drivers, they can’t trace it anymore.. it’s over.


the problem is the world is now an internationally connected economy. And the people in charge, the people running the show, have two paths they can take:

  • announce pandemic – tell everyone to prepare – this will cause the economy to shut down, people will buy up all supplies from local stores, quit going to work for fear of getting sick, supply chains will come to a crashing halt. This will make the 2008 financial crisis look like child’s play.
  • let life go on – assuming it’s too late to do anything except get sick, recover, get past it, cut your elderly losses, try to create a vaccine, and downplay it until the last possible moment when cases are too hard to ignore springing up in every corner of the globe, let alone UK, America, or Japan

… they have chosen option 2. Limit spread. Limit panic. Downplay the information. China limiting other nations and WHO to enter ground zero certainly doesn’t help.

We will get past this but it’s going to be a bumpy ride. The media hyped up Ebola. Media hyped up SARS. Media hyped up swine flu. But somehow they’ve been noticeably quiet and trying to pretend this isn’t happening. Pay attention to what they don’t say, rather than what they do. They have chosen to focus their efforts on vaccines and slowing the spread as well as panic.

If the economy crashes

If the economy crashes, we will have much larger problems than just a virus. The world has been at relative peace for the last 80 years and were overdue for nature’s forces to fuck it all up. “it’s a pandemic but we can’t call it that yet to limit panic, got it”

There’s literally no upside to

There’s literally no upside to announcing a pandemic as the mass populace has been conditioned to perceive that word extremely negatively and are very fearful. Spreading fear helps no one. So even if it is a pandemic, until it has hit many 3rd world countries, leaders will not announce it. It’s all interconnected.

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