May 6, 2021

Powerful truth from DR. Anne MC Closkey

Powerful truth from DR. Anne MC Closkey

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Dr Anne McCloskey ( Derry GP) speaks out about Covid, The Great Reset and the situation we all find ourselves in today due to the lockdowns etc.

Responding to Tyranny

There are many thousands of people across these islands and millions across the world who know that the ‘health crisis’, which began in March 2020, is a Trojan horse to introduce a supposed new era for humanity.

This process is being achieved by distortion of the truth and coercion through fear and division. We are living in dangerous times, where rogue governments are eroding our fundamental and inalienable human rights. The Freedom Alliance will challenge every aspect of this totalitarian take over of the world by uniting all the disparate individuals and groups across the Island of Ireland.

To this end, we have adopted a set of four fundamental principles and by working collectively behind these principles we can take on the tyrants who are robbing us of our rights and our freedoms.

From Every Mountainside, Let Freedom Ring

Source: freedom-alliance

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