May 7, 2021

The Last Day To Prepare (Mostly)


The Last Day To Prepare (mostly)

Here on leap day 2020 (February 29th) the US records its first coronavirus death on the continent, a 50+ year-old man in Washington State.

Cases continue to grow exponentially in South Korea and Italy. Meanwhile, most hospital systems in western countries are woefully unequipped for any large influx of serious respiratory patients.

After dragging its feet for seeming forever, the CDC “allows” states to begin testing on their own. Finally, and inexplicably. Through all of this we’ve been consistently telling you that you need to prepare.

Now it’s more or less too late. Already many communities are experiencing runs on basic items of food and water. Any preparing you do from here on out needs to be done ultra-responsibly and without any hoarding.

last day prepare for the outbreak
A worker cleans his goggles to spray disinfectant as a precaution against the coronavirus at a shopping street in Seoul, South Korea, Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020. South Korea and China each reported hundreds more virus cases Thursday as the new illness persists in the worst-hit areas and spreads beyond borders. last day (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon) ORG XMIT: SEL112

From here on out the words are going to be “mitigation” (not containment) and “non-pharmaceutical interventions” or NPIs. That’s a fancy way of saying no large gatherings, no school, and no unnecessary travel or contact. But there’s still time to do a few things so continue do what you can.

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