May 6, 2021

The origin of CCP virus

The BFD Video: 1st Documentary Movie on the Origin of Ccp Virus ...

The BFD Video: 1st Documentary Movie on the Origin of Ccp Virus, Tracking down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus

  • 01:55 Part 1 The Story of The Seafood Market
  • 09:34 Part 2 The Mysterious Gene Sequence
  • 17:47 Part 3 The Discoveries of Dr. Shi Zhengli
  • 28:50 Part 4 The Secret of the Wuhan P4 Laboratory
  • 43:43 Part 5 Facing The Pandemic

The first documentary movie on the origin of CCP virus, Tracking Down The Origin of Wuhan Coronavirus

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The CCP virus, which originated from China, has rampaged through the world and caused more than 110,000 deaths, infecting at least 2.0 million.

The true number of deaths and infections is unknown due to the underreporting of cases from mainland China.

In this new documentary presented by The Epoch Times and NTD, Epoch Times investigative reporter Joshua Philipp takes an in-depth look at the progression of the pandemic from January to April and leads us on a journey of discovery to bring the truth behind the matter to light

Philipp’s investigation covers the facts from the Huanan Seafood Market to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. As he digs deeper, he finds suspicious activity connected to China’s communist authorities and its military. Through the investigation, featuring top scientists and national security experts, a more complete understanding of the situation surrounding the rise of this pandemic is unearthed.

Official reports and publicly available information soon lead to more questions and surprising findings.

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  1. The only way to stop China from infecting everyone in the world is to stop buying products from China and do not let them invest in our companies. Until they learn to live without lies and with moral understandings for other countries around them, boycott all Chinese products.

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